My journey

Hello, my name is Damien, and I’m the founder of New Road Creative. Looking back at Day 1 (well, the first day I can remember), it was clear that art and design were in my future. Aesthetics, balance, and organization were all present in my daily activities growing up. Today, I apply these three elements to all of my work, and they have contributed to my success as a designer and visual storyteller.

My design journey began with art. I learned the basics from my grandfather, a fine artist who painted stained-glass windows for churches in my area. The lessons he taught me about form, color, composition, perspective, light, and shadow created the foundation for the designer I am today.

I grew as an artist but found my calling in graphic design. After college, I dove in head first with print design: ads, direct mail, packaging, stationery, trade-show materials, and more. The next logical progression was web design, so I learned the basics of HTML, CSS, and the box model. Not only was I building websites, but everything digital: banner ads, ebooks, infographics, and emails, which opened up new avenues of creativity and possibilities.

As the industry grew, so did my need for new creative outlets. Fortunately, online learning was in full swing and I could gain access to information faster than I did in school. I took courses in Adobe After Effects, Premiere, and video production. Now my art could dance and sing.

Next came experience design. I again turned to online learning and became proficient in applications like Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma. Not only did I embrace experiential design, but collaborative design as well. Now I'm eager to take on the next design challenge.

Whatever medium I'm working with, my primal need for aesthetics, balance, and organization prepared me, but my foundation in fine art sets me apart from the crowd.

Portfolio at a glance

Please visit my work for a comprehensive look at samples and get a glimpse into the process and steps to building a brand or creative refresh.