Connor Group

Senior Brand Manager

As the Senior Brand Manager at Connor Group, I am responsible for brand development, strategy, and implementation. I developed a look and feel and extended our visual presence in market.

Brand Guidelines

Connor Group needed visual rules around how to portray the brand. I created detailed written and visual instructions outlining look and feel, graphic usage and rules around consistency. I was able to create this interim brand in 3 months.

Brand Guidelines


As the brand developed, a facelift was needed on the website. I immediately started creating mockups to uplift our brand presence.

Website Images


Our marketing thought leadership material needed a fresh perspective to go with the new brand. I found new ways to convey information that made it easier for retention and readability.

Mobile Website Images

Social Media

With the new look and feel in place, the best way to introduce the brand in market is through our social presence. Likes, impressions, and conversions all increased as a result of the new brand palette.

Google Paid Search Ads


While external marketing presence is paramount, internal presentations for teams to relay the services provided by Connor Group is essential to convert potential clients.

Nurture Campaign Email and Landing Page