Digital Designer

As a Digital Designer at Fulcrum, I develop marketing collateral, web pages, video, and uplift the brand to position the company as a market leader in mobile data collection.

Brand Guidelines

Fulcrum needed structure, organization, and a bit of glue to pull together their brand. After adding some rules and visual assets, I was able to tie together a cohesive brand and launch a new look and feel for the company.

Brand Guidelines


After I solidified the brand, I began to explore the update of the site and how to modernize the look and feel. To accurately portray the product and it's premium offering, I designed this home page as an example of how one page can begin to shape an entire user journey.

Website homepage mockups

Site content

Visually allowing the eye to travel between sections is key to guiding users through the page and creating a balance.

Website subpage mockups


The key to any mobile site is simplicity. Knowing what content to keep and what to hide promotes scrolling, defines a key messages, and creates an effective user experience.

Website mobile mockups

Paid search

The Google paid search campaigns needed a refresh. After launching the newly created ads, it was clear their presence was noticed in the market.

Paid search ads


A consistent presentation style and delivery is also needed when attracting prospects and investors.

Presentation slide examples