M&M Mars

Senior Art Director

As a Senior Art Director at The Thomas J. Paul Agency, I was responsible for M&M Mars promotional campaigns, packaging, and point-of-purchase display advertising.

Movie ticket campaign

The M&M's movie ticket campaign was centered around the character graphic on packaging, point-of-purchase displays, and print advertising.

M&M ad and packaging samples


Product information drove people to the microsite where information could be collected and product variants could be teased.

M&M movie campaign microsite

POP displays

The point-of-purchase displays drove the in-store movie ticket campaign with high impact graphics and bold offers.

M&M movie campaign POP displays

M&M and NASCAR displays

The partnership with NASCAR used central graphics centered around racing and drove customers to a yearly promotion during racing season.

M&M and NASCAR POP displays

Promotional Microsite

The microsite was used to collect information, tease products, and promote the racing experience.

M&M and NASCAR microsite

NFL Displays

The partnership with the NFL used central graphics centered around winning NFL gear and saving on the product.

M&M and the NFL POP displays

NFL displays

Product displays played an integral part of the promotion and accounted for 65% of all in-store sales.

M&M and NFL POP displays